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Our Process


What happens behind the scenes when making macramé pieces and baby products?


All the crafting happens in my small studio, based in the sunny Kathu, Northern Cape. First off I choose a design, or in the case of a custom design the customer chooses. The design is then adapted in order to fit the size. It also needs to represent, which speaks of style, uniqueness, and environmental friendliness. The colour, thickness, and size of a design play a critical role in the entire design process. 

Image by rocknwool


The materials I use are 100% cotton cords or rope which are also environmentally friendly & biodegradable. The cotton rope is also produced in RSA, except for the cords which are made in Turkey. There are various thicknesses (rustic or fine look) and colours to fit the design.

I try to support local businesses first for a lot of my crafting needs before I reach out to the rest of my fellow South African businesses.


The craft is a handmade process and depending on the piece, can take some time. I believe handmade is made by heart, and every step of the way goes through my hands, which I greatly enjoy.

The hand-made baby products normally come to life by mixing and matching silicone & wooden beads. This is a somewhat different craft than the macramé pieces. The silicone I use is 100% Food Grade Silicone - 100% Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless - BPA Free - Lead-Free - PVC Free - Mercury Free - Phthalates Free - Cadmium Free. The beech wood products I use are chosen because it is a strong hardwood with high shock resistance. They have a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern with a slightly darker tone, making each one different in its own way.


I’m a nature lover and plant fanatic. I also want my packages to represent that, therefore packaging includes a Spekboom cutting for the customer to plant at home or work to contribute to our planet.

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